Saturday, 7 January 2012

Myth About British Creating India

I am fed up repeatedly hearing the totally illogical, stupid argument some people put forward saying “It was the british who created a united India, and before the british came, there was no concept of India at all!”
Forget uniting, the British actually divided India into three pieces before they left in 1947!
Let’s start with the very basics of History.
In 1492 Columbus set out to discover a sea route to which place? India, right? And when was this? more than 100 years before British even entered India. It was not any particular kingdom of India that Columbus was targetting. It was INDIA ITSELF! That is the reason, when he mistook America to be India, he called the natives of America as “Red Indians”.
Entire europe was trading for silk, gold, spices, diamonds and what not with India via the land route of Constantinople till 1453. In 1453 muslims captured Constantinople and blocked the trade route to India. Europeans were so dependant on India for the trade that they set out to discover an alternate sea route to India. That was how all the sailors like Columbus, Bartholomew Diaz, Vasco da gama all started their voyages in search of a sea route to India.
The europeans then were so backward in science that they refused funding to Columbus because entire europe at that time was of the view that Earth was flat!! So they thought columbus would fall down the earth if he took the reverse sea route to find India! More than a 1000 years before Columbus, Aryabhatta in India had already proved what thousands of years old vedas had said, that Earth is Round not flat.
Note that it was the not the Indians who became desperate to discover a sea route to Europe. It was the other way round ;)
The poilitical picture in pre-british India was that parts of India were ruled by different Kings called the Maharaja, and would report to the strongest of all who would be the ruler of entire Indian subcontinent and was called the Chakravarti. Chakravarti means the turner of the wheel, implying history repeats itself!
Any Maharaja (who ruled a part of India) can become a Chakravarti (ruler of entire India) if all other Maharajas bow down to his power. Maharajas who ruled under a Chakravarti were called Samanta Rajas. Samanta Rajas would pay annual tax to the Chakravarti.
Some of the Chakravartis who ruled entire India (which included present India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) were Ashoka, Ikshvaku, Shibi, Bindusara, Adinath, Shanthinath, Bharatha (After whom India was named as Bharat), etc 
So it was not the british who united India for the first time.
The ancient Mauryan Empire of India spread even beyond Baluchistan in present Pakistan and Kandhahar in present Afghanistan !
British did not create India, India existed long before they arrived. Nor did they unite India for the first time, many chakravartis ruled united India much before them. British only divided India into India, Pakistan and Bangladesh before they left India. Of course some greedy Indian politicians from Congress like Nehru were also responsible for India’s partition. If Nehru had agreed to make Jinna the prime minister of India, there would have been no partition. Just two months before partition of India, Gandhi had said that “India will be partitioned only over my dead body”!

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