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Biggest Blunder Of Modern History

Cause: August 14, 1947 – The Partition of India
Effect: September 11, 2001 – WTC Terrorist Strikes and its aftermath
Yes, the root cause of terrorism in the name of islamic jehad which is affecting the entire world today can be traced back to the Partition of India.
The Blunder
In 1947 when the British were reluctant to grant independence to India, because of their weakened resources due to the World War II, because they had by then looted almost everything possible from India.. maintenance of troops and positions in India was proving to be more costly than ever..
At the same time they wanted to ensure that India never came out of its regional conflicts.. they very well knew that an India with no local issues would soon emerge as a global power
At the same time muslim religious fanatics supported by the political ambitions of Jinnah and others wanted a muslim country carved out of India.. A religion which the secular Hindus had allowed to exist in their land now wanted to divide that own land and take a chunk of it. Not all muslims of India believed in this fanatic theory of creating an islamic country.. There are more muslims in India today than in Pakistan and Bangladesh which itself defeats the entire purpose of creation of an Islamic state out of India.
At the same time there were power greedy congress politicians who were ready to split the country than to share power.. if only Nehru had agreed to make Jinnah the first prime minister of India, India would not have been divided!
Just a month before Partition, Gandhiji had said that Partition will take place only over my dead body!
Yet, the biggest blunder of the modern history was allowed to be committed. India was divided into India and Pakistan, a secular India and a islamic pakistan, a pakistan that would in the next half century would become a terrorist breeding ground haunting the entire world and its own people.. The partition itself resulted in a huge massacre of scores of Hindus and Muslims.. The same people who had fought together for their independence now were again getting ready to fight against each other in the name of a line called The Border
Intermediate Effect
Initially Pakistan was created into two chunks on the west and east of India. The west of India was called West Pakistan (which is the current Pakistan) and the east of India was called the east Pakistan (currently Bangladesh)
The culture of Bengali muslims in the east pakistan was quite different from that of the muslims in west Pakistan. Bengalis were Bengalis first and Muslims next. This artificial unity of east pakistan and west pakistan was short lived for 25 years, the attrocities of west pakistanis (Current Pakistan) on the then east pakistanis led to a rebellion in 1971, millions of refugees from East Pakistan flooded into India and India decided to act. The result, a new country called Bangladesh was born.
The victory of India in 1971 is the most decisive victory in the history of wars till to date ever since world war II. 90,000 Pakistani troops surrendered to the Indian army. Through out the war the Bombay port on the Indian side had been kept open and was functioning normally, in the safeguards of the Indian navy, while the Pakistani Karachi port was bombarded left and right by the Indian forces.
The first logical end of the Partition had been reached with the creation of Bangladesh as a new country, and the west pakistan became today’s Pakistan.
The Cold War
The world headed for a new ideological battle between the USA lead western nations and the USSR lead Communist countries. The entire planet became a battle field. North Korea and South Korea, East Germany and West Germany, Cuba, Vietnam, Pakistan and Afghanistan.. everywhere the americans fought the russian forces..
India had formed the NAM or the Non Aligned Movement during the cold war saying that it wont be a part of the cold war, and will remain neutral.
Americans started funding the Pakistani fundamentalists by providing monetary and logistics support to ISI, the pakistani military etc to groom up islamic terrorists who can fight the atheist communist russians in Afghanistan. In other words, Americans were the first to fund terrorism! There is a saying in Kannada Maadidunno Maharaya, which means what you reap is what you sow!
Americans initially funded Osama and his fundamentalist allies against russians in the Afghanistan during the late 80s.. Osama later now turned to the very same americans and today we have this so called Global war on terror!
Terrorism in India
Pakistanis used the american funds to fight against India. America turned a blind eye to the Indian problem because of the close relations India had with USSR.
Pakistanis after the 1971 war very well knew that it was next to impossible to defeat India in a conventional war. Hence the then Pakistani military dictator Ziaul-haq came out with a plan called Operation Topac. The idea was to infiltrate terrorist elements into India who were brainwashed in the name of Islam and Jehad and cause economic and social disruption and large scale terrorist strikes in India and also to do an ethnic cleansing of Hindu Pandits in Kashmir.
And Pakistan has succeeded to a large extent in Kashmir. Pakistanis used the american and saudi funds to grow scores of terrorists in its land and use them against India in this proxy war – a war which is not officially declared but is carried out silently in the form of terrorist attacks.
Over 20000 people have been killed in Kashmir alone in India, by the pakistani trained militants in the past two decades. The Hindu Kashmiri Pandits have been almost wiped out of Kashmir. India, a country where all the hue and cry is raised about other communal violence never talks about the fate of Kashmiri Pandits who are living as refugees in their own country!
The Growth of terrorism beyond India 
Soon, the terrorist elements who had been brain washed in the thousands of madrasas of Pakistan went out of control. Now neither the Pakistani administration, nor the CIA were able to control it. ISI and the pak military continued to train the militants and continued to arm them and fund them and send into India. Even today the counterfeit notes of Indian currency printed by the Pakistani military establishment are smuggled into India in an effort to destabilize the Indian economy and to fund the terrorist activities!
The Indian appeal to the international community during the peak of terrorism in Kashmir in the early 90s was never heard in any forum! Repeated requests by India to US and other countries to take actions against Pakistani based militant organizations fell on to deaf ears. It is unfortunate that the Indians DID NOT ACT the way Israel reacted after the Munich massacre .
When the americans were attacked, suddenly the whole word became aware of this problem and a Global War on terrorism was declared! The Bush Administration made it clear to all other countries saying You are either with us or against us, there was no other option, and Pakistan was warned by Richard Armitage that if it refused to cooperate with the Americans then it would be bombed back to Stone Age !
The U Turn
Musharaff had to act and support US in the war on terrorism. He had no other option, Pakistan obviously cant fight the US! So the alliance against terrorism was formed. NATO forces bombed Afghanistan to throw out Al Qaeda and Taliban and also occasionally bombed the Pakistani territory in the Baluchistan province where even today most of the world’s terrorist root exists, probably including Osama. Mush decided to play hunting with the hounds and running with the hares!
Look at the funny part of it. US was the one which initially funded Osama and his group, Pakistan was the one which trained all these terrrorists in its land, and finally they both were the front runners in fighting the menace of terrorism! Reason? US got 9/11, Pakistan recently had the Lal Masjid incident added to its list! Even for the British, if only the British had not divided India before they left, the London tube blasts and Glasgow bombings would not have taken place!
Things have to finally come in one complete circle.. The water we pour on our head finally reaches our own feet!
The Current Scenario
Today Pakistan exists as a fanatic society full of fundamental elements, who dont even leave earth quake victims , scores of madrasas, brainwashed youth loaded with bombs all over ready to explode anywhere anytime a nuclear arsenal waiting for the hands of a fanatic dictator to be laid on it.. again a tragedy that Indians could not prevent Pakistan going nuclear, unlike how Israel prevented Iraq from becoming a nuclear power
Today just because of the existence of a neighbour called Pakistan
  • India has over 1 million troops deployed in Kashmir making it the civilian area with the largest military presence in the world
  • Kashmiri Pandits are living as refugees in their own country
  • Over 5 crore rupees spent every day to maintain troops at Sia chin by India, making it the highest battle field on the planet
  • Frequent terror strikes inside India
  • Increased military spending by India on buying more F-16s and to develop more missiles
  • The Paradise on Earth – Kashmir, has become a hell
Just because of the existence of a country called Pakistan, the world saw and continues to see
  • 9/11 strikes
  • London bombings
  • Global war on terror
  • Terror threats all over the world
  • Chemical, Nuclear, Biological warfare threat from the terrorists for the civilized world
A worried America now has even warned of air strikes deep inside the pakistani territory to smoke out osama and co. The one time ally of the global war on terrorism is no longer needed for US. This is bloody international politics buddy, Bush was heard saying to Mush
The Most Important Effect: The most important effect of the existence of Pakistan is that an entire religion – Islam is being looked upon as a terrorist ideology all over the world today!
The Solution:
Only three alternatives exist
  • Divide Pakistan OR
  • Unite it back with India OR
  • Create a secular society in Pakistan
For every Pakistani who is reading this article, my sincere suggestion is to concentrate on the third alternative suggested above i.e to create a secular society in Pakistan, free of ISI, military and militancy
Else things are going to get only more worse for Pakistan.. 
Already there is another lal masjid coming up
Hope common sense prevails 
Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya

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