Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Check Yourself ...and Cheer her.

A boy, age 7, slipped on the road and fell. 'Everyone' laughed out loud at him.

He started crying out of shame while his eyes were searching for someone. That someone suddenly hugged him tight and wiped his eyes and pouring nose. It was his mother who was cursing 'Everyone' around for laughing at her kid.     

After 33 years, one fine day when, she slipped and fell down on the same road. The reaction from people was unchanged.

The only change was that, this time her eyes were searching for someone and that someone was cursing her standing remotely for embarrassing him in front of 'Everyone'  :( 

Time for you to treat her like a new born baby, She is new to this fast moving and easy forgetting Generation. She spent all her time to answer your silly questions and now she needs your attention more than your GF silly talks.  She deserves more share of your life than any one.