Wednesday, 30 September 2015

How's that for revenge.

This is the story of how  JD WETHERSPOON - The biggest chain of pubs in England, got its name. This chain has over a thousand outlets all over England, and had revenues of over fourteen hundred million pounds last year. (They also operate the Lloyd's number one brand, and own a few hotels)

Now, this business giant is not named after the owner, his name is Tim Martin. He named the company after his high school teacher - JD Wetherspoon. 

He did this because his teacher had once humiliated him in front of his classmates, and had told his parents that Tim would never amount to anything.

Now, Tim knew that if he put his own name on his pubs, his teacher would never notice. After all, 'Martin' could be anyone. 

But no one can resist looking at their own name. 

So he named the pubs 'JD Wetherspoon'

And now every time his teacher passes his own name, he knows that it was put there by a boy he'd said would never amount to anything.

Source - Dave Trott's "Predatory Thinking"

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Think The Other Way.

What is your first instinct when you see this picture? What have you been told all your life? .......... That these three monkeys represent .. Speak No Evil, See No Evil and Hear No Evil .......... Am I right ?  

What if I told you ..... that for each monkey that speaks no evil, two does; for each monkey that sees no evil, two does and for each monkey that hears no evil two does.............. 

There is no such thing as good or evil. Good doesn't exist in the absence of evil and vice versa. The philosophy is to let everything be in plain sight and let you rationalize. You are what you observe and if you observe everything, you are neither good nor bad; you can choose whoever you want to be when the time comes.