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Things I hate about India

Before you start sending me hate mails after just reading the title of this hub, let me make it very clear that I am also an India and no less patriotic than anybody else. I love my country and I am very proud of being an India. However being an Indian its my duty to find the shortcomings in society of India, its culture and its people so that we can collectively correct that and make this a better country for our future generation. The list I am going to produce is not about little problems, but these are the problems which have kept us from progressing from a third world to a developed one. These are the iron chain in the legs of every Indian who want to sprint and catch the rest of the the world.

I just don't want you to read this list and move on. I want you to think about it, find a solution and fix it.  So here goes the list of 10 things I hate about India..

1. Corruption

This is the biggest curse to this country which is wiping out all the hard work of common man. From being a part of the system in 60's and 70's, it has become the system now. Everyone starting from politician to a peon is corrupt.
Everyone blames other of being corrupt but they themselves don't miss any chances of taking bribes. It started when we were blindly following the communism in our early days of independence with tight regulation, red tape ism and license raj. However now it has spread it roots so deeply in the society that even though we are now more open economically corruption is getting bigger and bigger. Recent 2G, common wealth scams and lot others are so big that they are comparable to GDP of some small countries. Billions and billions are money are being looted in daylight and we have now simply stopped reacting. It may be deep rooted in our society but if we don't find a solution to this problem soon then it will not take much for us of being slaves again.

2. Deep rooted casteism

India with largely Hindu population is plagued with deep rooted casteism which has been a part of society for more than 5000 years. Hinduism is one of the most beautiful religion on this earth and I feel proud of being a Hindu. However as all other religions, Hinduism is is also not free of its shortcomings.

 Hinduism broadly divide people into broadly 4 categories based on the work they do. Brahmin does all the worshiping, teaching and rituals, Kshatriya were warriors, Vaishya were merchants and Shoodra were people who used to serve others. But these divisions were never meant to discriminate anyone. However these divisions got more finer and finer, Shoodras got discriminates and exploited and Indian society were a mess till we got independence. In current day modern Indian society, that discrimination and exploitation has not almost gone, but the caste divide is as strong as it was before. Modern day politicians use this caste divide to rule us and hide their ill doings. For example, even a most educated person will not vote for a honest person if he is from different caste but will vote for most corrupt person from his caste. Election tickets are not distributed based on competencies but on caste equations. From marriages to elections to friendships, everything is based on caste. Unless this casteism is uprooted from its very base, a real growth in terms of social equality and harmony cannot happens

3. Regionalism and Languagism

India is a country full of diversity comprising many religions, culture and hundreds of languages and dialects. In some way it is good for the country but in current scenarios its proving to be more harmful and giving any benefits. We talk about unity in diversity but that unity is nowhere to see. As if caste divide was not enough, regionalism and langaugism are also adding to the misery of Indian unity. I will give you an example of how it works. A person from Maharashtra will hate a person from North Indian especially from Uttar Pradesh or Bihar. This same person will hate a person from Maharashtra itself if this person is Maratha and the other person is Brahmin. And the same person will also hate another Maratha if this person is from Mumbai and the other Maratha is from Nagpur because Mumbai generate most of the taxes which gets distributed among the whole state and the divide goes on. The list of diving factor goes on and on. Non Hindi speaking states don't consider Hindi as their national language but they don't respect other regional language as well. and if you mix politics into it then the mud gets more murkier. Tamil Nadu is a classical example of that where hating Hindi is a political status.

4. Soft Target Image

India is probably one of the few countries which never invaded any other countries but were itself invaded hundreds of time. We were ruled my Moguls for 1000 years and then by Britishers for another 200 years. Even after independence, Pakistan attacked us 4 times (49, 65, 71 and Kargil) and China in 62. Its hard to imagine a country like Pakistan which had no real army and no money at all captured one third of Kashmir in 1949 and they kept attacking us after every 15-20 years. We had terrorist attack on Parliament and then on Mumbai and still we didn't fire a single bullet even though we know who has done it. Whats the use of having nuclear bombs and missile. Its looks like Pakistan is using the threat of its nuclear bombs better than India and they do these nuclear attack every now and then and are assured that India will do nothing fearing a nuclear war. Can Indian politician answer how they punished Pakistan for planning such a bloody attack on our financial capital. Last time I heard was that Pakistan is yet to start court cases against the suspect picked up. The conclusion is that we are a very soft country and we have no self respect left for ourselves. These attacks are not the last on our country and there will be many more unless we shed this soft traget image.

5. Sense of Laziness in our attitude

We all remember how Japan was totally destroyed after the World war 2 and we also know how it gathered itself from the ashes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and established itself as the world's second largest economy within 30 years. Till 1980, China and India were at the same start line of economic state and looks how far China have left India. And the examples are countless, from Singapore to South Korea to Taiwan and Malaysia. All these countries except China are much smaller in size, less fertile land much smaller populations. Only reason why they have moved past us is that they have worked hard and harder to make sure that their future generation will not face the hardship that they have faced. While our people were taking a nap in offices, they were working day and night to build their nation. I currently work for a leading bank in United Kingdom. Even a country like Uk where they have all the luxury, peple come to office at sharp 9 AM and work without taking break till 5 PM and leave. On the other hand, people from my company come at 10 AM, keep working till 9 PM but 10 breaks in between and then complain of overwork. What I mean to say is that we as a nation are not doing enough to make ourselves competitive against Chinese, Korean or Japanese. If we want to see our country at the top we have to work like Japanese where CEO of a company comes first and goes last.

6. Lack Of Vision

When Germany was defeated and humiliated in first world war, it decided to take revenge and by the start of Second World War, it reestablished itself as the strongest nation at that time and then almost captured whole of Europe. Whatever Nazis did was good or bad is a different topic for debate. Even after second world war, Germany was again razed to the ground and divided into 2 parts. It again reunited and became a developed nations and world leader in machinery. When Japan was totally destroyed after Second World War, it raised again to become a economic superpower and first developed nation in Asia. How were they able to do it? Answer lie in the fact that they knew what they have to do. They had their vision. Germany had the vision to be strongest nation in the world. Japan wanted to become economically strong. China wants to be the number 1 superpower. What do we want to do? What is our vision? Unless the masses don't know in which direction they have to move, what is their aim, what they have to achieve you cannot expect that nation to progress. People running this country need to give some sort of targets to achieve in short and long term duration. In fact the country vision should be a mandatory part and input to any plan we make in this country. Every single or big decision should be made considering how it will help to achieve the country's vision. Remember the Gandhi's Talisman that we read in our text book in schools. This vision should be used as that talisman to guide people as well as government in the right direction.

7. Following than creating own path

Gautam Buddha was a Prince with a palace, a beautiful wife and a country to rule over. He could have followed what his ancestors had done and live his life peacefully. Yet he choose to follow a new path which he didn't know about. He found his knowledge under the Bodhi tree and created a new religion Buddhism which is followed by more than 1 billion people over the world. Subhash Chandra Bose could have followed the path of Gandhi as he was a part of Congress, yet he chose to walk on a new track and founded Forward block. If he would have not died, he could have probably freed India before 1947 and we could have been living in a different world. There have been hundreds of examples in Indian history where people have chosen an entirely different path and rewritten history. Why cant we have people like them in modern India. Why we always look toward others to lead us. In our population of more than 1.3 billion people, if we can have just one percent of leaders who can create new paths, new ideologies and new thinking to follow, we can have more than 2 millions such leaders. If India have to make its own position in the world, it will need its people to think differently from rest of world. Its time not to follow but make your own way and this can not be possible till India have not just a handful of leaders but hundreds and thousands of them.
If you are not happy with one political party then instead of giving vote to another party which is just slightly less corrupt, start a new party and fight election. Give more option to the people to chose leaders from. Instead of working for Mukesh or Anil Ambani, create your won Reliance. Write your own book, start your own banks, bring another white and green revolution, produce your own electricity and write your own future. Instead of waiting for someone else to do something for you and then blaming them later for not doing those things, do it yourselves. In the process of doing so, you will rewrite the future of India.

8. Worshiping Human more than God

India is a land of millions and billions of God and Goddesses, hundreds of religions and followings. Yet, we have time and capacity to worship human beings as God. Some people in Rajasthan are building a temple of Vasudhara Raje for worshiping. They have already created an Goddess like idol of hers. Although it yet to be found if she have any feature like goddess or even a feature of common human being. Dalits worship Mayawati even knowing she would give a tough fight to even the most corrupt politicians for being the epitome of corruption. Same is the cases with other politicians like Karunanidhi, Jayalalithaa, Lalu yadav and so on. Its just not the politicians, people even worship Cinema actors like Amitabh Bachhan, Rajnikanth and cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar. These people may have done a great job in their fields but they have been suitably rewarded for what they have done. Why is the need of worshiping them like God? If we slightly go deeper, we may find the answer in history of India. Indians have always been forced willingly or unwillingly to worship or to see kings like God like figure. From Raja Raja of Cholas to Kushans and from Ashoka to Akbar, all of them were either seen as God or God like creatures on Earth. But these people I mentioned were from the golden age of India where the common mass was happy and content. But today's era is no golden age then why are we still following the same tradition? Its something hard to answer and I am still searching an answer to that

9. Always satisfied with what we have

Somnath temple in Kathiawad of Gujrat was the richest temple in the world in around 850 AD. It was looted several times by Mahmud Gazni and its generals. Not only they looted the temple, they destroyed the whole regions, killed people and took Hindu women with them. And this was mot done once, twice but several times. Its not just one story, India was invaded thousands of time by Mougals and European countries. India must be the only country in the world with all its richness, powerful kings and great army but never ever invaded any part of the world. We were always content with what we had. We always worked hard to create wealth to be looted by some one else. We always have forgiven others for whatever they did to us. At the golden period of Indian history, India used to control more than 25 percent of world's trade, now we have less than 1 percent. Yet we are satisfied. Our politicians loots us everyday in tune of billions and billions of rupees, yet we are satisfied. Nobody want to speak a word as we have accepted this as our faith. If Thomas Addison would have been satisfied with the oil lamp, we still would have been reading this hub under an oil lamp and not the fluorescent light . If Alexander Graham Bell would have been satisfied with letters and wire, then I had to write this hub on a paper sheet and post to all of you as there would be no telephone and no internet. So if you want to revive the golden era of India, you want to live a life as people lived in time of Chaddragupt, Ashoka and Raja Raja, then don't be satisfied. Go and conquer the whole world no matter what path you may have to follow because people remember Alexander the Great as a king who ruled the world but not how he conquered it. If Romans, Mougals and Europeans had their time, then it should be our time. Don't be satisfied!!!!!!!!

10. The way we got our Independence

While writing this hub, I was confused where should I put this point. I wanted to put it on the top but the decided to put this last not because it is the least priority thing I hate about India, my country, but this is something which is a summary of all the problems which our country is facing. I personally just hate the way we got our independence. Looks at the condition of a country when you get independence by begging and when the ruler give it to you because he is tired of beating you. We as a country are so used to be slaves that we have forgotten how to raise our voice. If you want to see the example, look at how United States got their independence. They didn't get it, but they snatched it by beating the hell out of British. Look at the great revolutions of countries in Europe like France, Germany and Russia. People in these countries know what is the meaning of independence because they have earned it and they will not allow any politicians to ruin it because when you earn something by violence, you know its value. If you have shed blood to to earn it then definitely you will shed blood to protect it. But when you are given independence by some one else as the case with our country, then people don't understand the value of it. Look the way politicians are looting our country but we are silent because we are so used to it for more than 1000 years. We were slaves and we will be slaves until we rise do something to protect our motherland.
I personally believe, if we had got our independence not by following Gandhi but by following Netaji Subhash, then not only we could have got our independence earlier but we must have known its value. I also have a great respect for Gandhi ji as he was honest about his thoughts and intentions, but perhaps he thought that next generations of politicians will be as honest as he was. But that didn't happen, and we are now at a place where now we need independence from out own elected politicians. Honestly current situation is not as bad as you might deduce from this hub as we economically growing at a pace of 9-10% per year which is among the highest in the world. However the rate of corruption and inflation is also growing at the same rate. And economically not everyone is growing at the same pace. High economic growth in only for the upper 10% of the population. For the 50% of population which is below poverty line, inflation rate is higher is what they are earning. That means, they are getting poor and poor and rich are getting richer. And if the corruption goes at the same rate then that would means the government will not do sufficient to keep the disparity at manageable rate and one day the fuse will go off. And on that day, same thing will happen in India which is now happening in middle east, public revolt. I might be going too much over the line, but who knows.. I will be happy if nothing of that sort happens which I have written above. But to prevent any possibility of happening such things, we have to do something. From 'We', I means all the young, educated, middle class and all those people who have brains to think and off course all those patriotic people who love mother India and want to do something for our beloved country. Elect correct leaders and if there are none, then yourselves join politics. Don't let corruptions happen near you, support the weaker section of society, stop believing in castism and any kind of religions differences. Save more that you earn, pay taxes, be honest with whatever work you do. Every single act of yourself can make a difference.


Conclusion is that India need us more that it ever needed. We as a citizen have same responsibilities towards the country as politicians have. If they are corrupt then we are more responsible then them because we elect them. If we have terrorist attacks in our cities then we are responsible because we are not able to protect ourselves. If a farmer does suicide in Maharastra or Andhra Pradesh then again we are responsible as we have not been able to get farmers their value for their crops and hard work. Anything which happens to our country, good or bad, we are only responsible for that.
So instead of blaming others, we have to start taking responsibilities and fix the problem. Always remember one thing that we cannot ever change our past as past is not in our hands. But we can always change our future and we are responsible of our future and we have the capacity and right to change our future

Thursday, 29 December 2011

To see we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at.

In the Tepidarium - Oil painting by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1836-1912
He was a true artist and passionate perfectionist, living for the beauty and refining
his great talents to his last days, with a warm affection for his family and friends..

The secret world history & amazing facts

Welcome to your hidden past...  Here will I present the most important historical facts, that normally are "hidden" or sadly neglected and you actually should discover at school, plus some amazing but true pieces of time...
Everything is written in chronological order and I only use facts (or when there are no facts, as the origin of man, the most accepted theories) from very respectable historical books and some other fine sources, like Guinness book of record...

The human ape, had twice as big brain than any other apes and made the first tools 2 million years ago... They split up in four different races 1 million year later, and tree of them left Africa... They could speak 400.000 years ago and was by then spread over Africa, Europe and Asia... Finally did big Asian groups walk over to America, when the Asian and American continent was connected at north and they did then stay all over north and south America...The great Sphinx's in Egypt was probably built about 8000 BC, by dark brown northern Africans, 4000 years before the Egyptian civilization, according to the erosion of rain on the statue... Which is a rather exact way to measure how old outdoor stone statues are.
 Brazil was discovered, from the sea 531 BC (!!) or even earlier by Phoenicians... They was the first great sea trade people, living in the area of Lebanon (rather close to the first civilized town) and they did cross the Atlantic ocean from Africa and trade then for many years with the locals - who actually came walking from China (see above) many many years before that... Cleopatra (actually "Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator" born January 69 died August 30 BC) was 21 and a famous nymphomaniac, when she finally seduce Julius Caesar, who then was 52 years old.. But they "met" long before that and she took her first lover at twelve, had a special temple with lover boys and killed herself at 39... But she was also highly educated, directly related to one of Alexander the great's Greek generals, very intelligent and did as example speak 9 or 10 languages.
The Chinese did also cross the oceans in huge ships and looked at Mexico (459 after Christ) and many other countries... The Vikings from northern Europe, had then a little colony on the American east coast, around 900 AC and the first* south European to discover north America (1472) was the Portuguese Joao vas de Corte Real on a secret discovery mission... * But the Phoenicians did probably visit north America, long before that... YesColumbus came first twenty years later 1492 and he called Haiti for Hispaniola!
 Philippe II, Duke of Orléans king Ludvig XIV brothers son and from 1715 to 1723 the actual regent of France... Was a lot more perverse than Marquis de Sade... He married first his 15 years old cousin, took several of his 7 daughters as mistresses, killed some family members with poison, arrange orgies even on religious holidays and a females mouth, was his favourite toilet... Marquis de Sade (1740-1814) came 4 years old to his uncle Abbe de Sade, who lived in an idyllic castle and had a lovely Spanish woman and her daughter, as mistress... And de Sade's mother became a nun... He's first and only marriage was to Renée-Pélagie de Montreuil and her 19 years old sister Anne-Prospère de Launay, became his mistress with his wife's blessing... He had at the same time two scandals and was officially sentence to death... But he was "only" sent to prison, for poisoning two whores, even if there was clear evidence that he never did poison anyone... Then did he escape prison and arrange daily orgies, together with his wife, under a long winter in a family castle, with 5 young teenage girls... His stepmother (who hated him, by this time) did then lure lure him to Paris and he got arrested again... After some year is prison, was he finally declared completely innocent, but the stepmother did anyhow arrange so he had to stay over 11 more years in prison and it was there he began to write his most infamous erotic books, spiced with wild irony and extreme satire... Yes, he did really whip almost every girl as foreplay (when he was free) but in a relatively erotic way and then did he normally fuck them anally... And he did also enjoy more extreme games, just like many other noble men and women of the French aristocracy... But he wrote also very popular books, with the most extreme games (not "just" enjoying them in private) and that was clearly the main reason, that he had to spend the second half of 28 years (totally) behind locked doors... Before that, was he released under the French Revolution... He manage then to became a very compassionate judge and did risk his own life, saving others from the guillotine... Including his evil stepmother... He found also a devoted female companion in Marie-Constance Renelle Quesnet, when his wife left him... But the government began to hate his books and he was finally locked up for the rest of his life, at Charenton mental hospital (with help of his stepmother) even if he not was insane or convicted for any crime... But he was almost sent to the famous horror castle If, so it could been much worse and he met then Magdeleine Leclerc, who was the 12 year old daughter, to a women in the prison administration... She became his last mistress, at the age of 13 even if they only had rather soft sexual "pleasures" probably because he was fat, 69 years old and not very healthy... But she did shave her pubis hair for him and visit him almost every evening in the cell, playing games little less often, until he died five years later... He did also teach the young girl to read and write... And Constance, who was free to come and go as she wanted, did serve him faithfully to the end and had even a connecting bedroom... They did actually hope (in vain) that he would be released soon and was planning to move together, with Magdeleine's mothers approval, when he suddenly got sick and died quietly in bed...
 Mills Darden (usa 1798 to 1857) weighted 463 kilo and his lovely wife just 46 kg...Antonio Meucci (1808-1889) from Italy did invent the telephone 1849 and Bell, who used to work with Meucci, patented a copy 1876 as his invention! Sir Joseph Wilson Swan did patent the first light bulb 1878 in England... Thomas Edison made then a less good copy, that he manage to patent in America, about a year later and he did even advertise that the electric light bulb, was his invention... But 1892 did Edisons company merger with Swans, creating General Electric and after that did they use Swans finer original method, to make light bulbs.The famous scientist Nicola Tesla (1856-1943) invented the radio 1893 and patented it, so Marconi was absolutely not the real inventor... Titanic's fourth chimney, was only a fake, just because it was fashion with four! Charles Lindberg, was actually the 82 man, who flew cross the ocean - but he was the first who did it alone... The Vatican state, was founded 1929 with help of the fascist dictator Mussolini, who wanted support from the church... Ed McGivern (USA) did actually fire 2x 5 shots in 0.45 second 1932 and all shots, hit within 3.06 cm (!!) on 4.58 meters distance...
 The most awful criminals: Herman Webster Mudgett (1860-1896) better known under the alias "Dr. Harry Howard Holmes" killed around 150 young ladies, even if he "only" confessed to 27 murders... They rented room in his "palace" in Chicago, that actually was a fully equipped horror house, with a maze of secret rooms and elevators, soundproof bedrooms, acid pools, gas chambers, a dissection table and stretching rack, private crematorium, a huge bank vault and naturally, a lot of loose body parts... He did even sell the skeletons of many victims, to medical schools and his hanging took over 10 minutes, before he was dead... Then did Albert Fish (1870-1936) kill and ate at least fifteen children, even if he only was convicted for two murders and his last victim was maybe ten year old Grace Budd, who he "cut in smal pieces" and mainly cocked with carrots and unions... He wrote also that "her little ass was roasted in the oven" in a letter to her parents... 
The youngest mother was five years and seven months "old" Lina Medina, from Peru... She gave birth to a healthy boy, with help of caesarean section in May 1939 and the father was never found... Her parents did first suspect she got a tumor, but she was pregnant since she was 4 years old and had been having regular periods since the age of three... Lina did then develop normally and got a second son 1972 thirty-three years after his brother... You can click here for more details and pictures... The German Hahn, made 1938 the first atomic explosion... The English started to plan an invasion of Norway, months before Germanand a huge fleet was gathered in the north sea 1940 when they discovered that the German navy was closer to Oslo and then did the main part of the giant English fleet turned around, after a silly quarrel between the navy and the army, instead of invading Norway... They did only land some troops outside Narvik, after a long delay and just a few recognise troops did then engage in battle, before they left Norway... Under the invasion of Belgium, did Nazi German for the first time use a combination of attack paratroopers and a great numbers off confusing dolls, plus unique glide planes and an extremely efficient explosive, to take the most important bridges and the "impossible" fortress Eben Emael... Before that did they also use attack paratroopers (possible for the first time) but nothing else, under the invasion of Norway... Everything succeed and was developed from the evil genius, Hitlers original ideas... Yes, Hitler was a completely insane war loving maniac, but he did design (or initiate) almost everything that made German a terrible fighting power, from every detail in the uniforms and symbols, to extremely effective and complex new training methods... And that was naturally very bad for the people in Europe, but also amazing in some ways...
  The biggest hero in the second world war, was Michel Hollard and he single handed, started the most efficient intelligence organization in France, with the name "Reseau Agir" and he had soon 60 own secret agents, on strategic places all over France.. He both collected and delivered, all information himself and no one else, known any other agents.. He then sneaked over the France an Swiss border, that was "impossible" to cross and because of that, the Brit's didn't believe in his exact military information, before 1942 and then he crossed the hardest border in the world 94 times... It was Hollard who discover all the V1 missile bases, several months before they was finished... They was built with extreme safety measures, in just 4 months and not even the German labours, know the purpose of the installations... But Hollard did find out everything and 44 bases was bombed to pieces, a few days before they was finished.. These bases was built to send 5000 missiles every month and that would be 50.000 super bombs, before "D day" and at least 20.000 would hit London... Now it became only 2400 totally... Hollard was captured 1944 by treason, tortured by Gestapo, without telling anything and sent to Neuengamme, one of the worst konzentration camp... But he continue to resist and hide over 1000 weapons part, that the prisoners had to make and he still survived...
  Mass murder - According to the USA senates "Walter report" made 1971 was between 32.3 and 61.7 million people, killed by the government in China, from 1949 to 1971 and only the Hsiao Mieh campaign 51-55 resulted in 5 to 10 million dead.. The official radio in Peking, reported the number of "expired existent" some months and the highest number was 2.326.000 people, in one single month... Between 8 and 10 millions, was also killed in Soviet by the government, under the Jezjovtsjina campaign 1936 to 38 and at least 19 million more, died 1921 to 60 in the famous Soviet prison camps... Making a minimum total of 27 to 29 million and over 25% of them was Jews...
The Nazi Otto Adolf Eichman, was sentence to death, for the responsibility of minimum 5.7 million Jews death... But the Nazis murder about 8 million Jews totally, plus 6 to 10 million other civilian (mostly by slave labour and starvations) giving a total of minimum 12 to 18 million dead... They got also some "help" by local groups, like the Litauans national partisans, who murder about 229.052 of the Jews in Lithuania and some of this was filmed by the Nazis, both as propaganda and instruction for the einsatzgruppe...
All these horrible mass murders, was normally made by every means, in purpose to reduce the population... Including systematically starvation of "free" people, deadly hard labour and simply filling big old ships, which then was sunk... The lower numbers in this calculations, are the minimum (with complete documentation) and the higher figure, is what historians expect to be the most accurate - so it might be even more!
The second atomic bomb that USA dropped over Nagasaki 1945 was of another type and it seem like the US air force, mainly wanted to test it's effect... The president did clearly warn Japan, before the second bomb was dropped - but he didn't give Japan more than 3 days to surrender, he did also know that the emperor tried to surrender (before the first bomb) with Russian help, the US military did select four cities of the same size (including two reserve cities) and they did even avoid to damage them with any conventional bombing, so they could compare the effect... They had actually demolish almost every other city in Japan, mainly with fire bombs, which did kill more civilians than the atomic bombs... The second bomb was almost twice as big and primarily meant for Kokura, but it was too cloudy there, so the bomb plane continue to Nagasaki and did miss the exact target with 3 kilometres... Strangely enough, does articles about the "atomic bomb" very seldom mention the second bomb on Nagasaki (or the over 75.000 victims there) and the fact that Japan was practically helpless, at that time... Yes, they was almost unable to fight back and couldn't attack the bomb planes, as example... And the US military did not warn the civilians with leaflets, as they did before the bombings of 13 other cities... But the military leaders of Japan was still very reluctant to surrender, even after the second bomb and the emperor Hirohito had to order them to surrender, so both bombs might been necessary anyhow... And none of the American scientist did suspect, that the radiation would be so dangerous and kill so many later - so that awful side effect came as a shock for everyone.
 The biggest unsolved crime (until 1996 at least) was when a gang of American military and German civilians, took the German gold reserve 1945 and some other stuff, to a total value (then) of 400 million dollar... Paul Anderson, from USA who won a gold medal in 1956 , lifted 3000 kilo 1957 with his back and William Pagel lifted a 500 kilos horse, up trough two four meters ladders... An amazing book about the greatest future energy - Thorium was written 1958 for the Atomic Energy Commission, as part of its Atoms for Peace program and was then totally forgotten... The 978 page book "Fluid Fuel Reactors" was rediscovered and really understood first in 2000 by Kirk Sorensen and it point out the many huge advantages of using Thorium, instead of uranium - vital advantages that actually can change the future of mankind... Thorium is 3 to 5 times more common in nature, compared to uranium and don't need any costly processing (that also reduce the volume of usable uranium dramatically) and then does Thorium "burn" more complete - so it gets about 200 times more effective, according to the Nobel Prize winning physicist Carlo Rubbia... One tonnes of Thorium give same energy as 200 tonnes uranium or 3.800.000 tonnes coal and a fistful Thorium would light London for a week... Then is a molten salt reactor (MSR) for Thorium, which is a kind of liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) both dramatically cheaper to build, than a conventional nuclear reactor and have zero risk of meltdown... And hold your hat now, Thorium leave virtually no waste (!!) and the minimal waste is also safe after only a few hundred years... Several scientist does also point out that a Thorium reactor can even destroy the waste from old nuclear reactors, when it generates electricity... All this facts - that Thorium is a lot more common, cheaper to mine, don't need any processing, is 200 times more effective, a much safer reactor cost dramatically less to build, produce no expensive waste and can even use old nuclear waste as extra fuel - make also the final energy from Thorium amazingly cheap... And 1965 did the Thorium project director Alvin Weinberg and his team even build a perfect working and ultra safe 7.4 MW test reactor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, that ran for almost five years and produced full power under 1.5 years... But this technology was actually too safe for the US government, at that time... Thorium don't produce any byproducts, that can be used for nuclear weapons - while ordinary nuclear power produce enriched uranium, that can be processed to plutonium and that fact was the sad reason, why uranium got selected for power production under the "cold war" years... But there are still some hope, since the rediscovery did Sorensen form a "Energy from Thorium" group and a few senators are recently acting for Thorium in Washington... Then plan both India and China to build most of it future electric power production on Thorium technology... India has already built the huge 300MW test reactor Kakrapar-1 as you can see in many YouTube videos and the last news is that they will base all future nuclear energy on Thorium, but they use the "Advanced Heavy Water" technology that not is as effective and extremely safe as the molten salt reactor (MSR) alternative, that was used 1965 at Oak Ridge... France are also testing a miniature Thorium power plant (of MSR type) since 2002 and the company IThEMS in Japan are projecting a 10MW miniature Thorium power plant (of MSR type) they call miniFuji... Congressman Joe Sestak added funding 2010 for research and development of a destroyer-sized reactor using Thorium, to be able to replace the less efficient old nuclear technology in naval power and especially eliminate the waste problem... And an American company in Russia is also working with an alternative that mix Uranium and Thorium, which especially can be used in old nuclear power plants and produce dramatically less waste, but cost almost the same as the old technology to run... First source was Wired 21 December 2009 and the info was then updated several times.
 The main reason for the Vietnam war, was two basic misunderstandings... North Vietnam wanted in first hand independence and USA was actually more than ready to give them that, if they only cut all connections with Communist China... But North Vietnam thought that USA actually wanted to colonise Vietnam, just as France did before them and never would give Vietnam independence, if they not force USA to leave... USA wanted in first hand to stop the "tyranny of communism" and they didn't understand that North Vietnam mainly was collaborating temporary with China and Soviet, just to win the war... Vietnam had been resisting China for over 1000 years and did plan to be as independent from China as possible, after the war... But USA thought that Vietnam would become a very active part of communist China, if they not won the war... So they both thought they had to win on the battlefield - even if USA could make a rather simple deal saying "we leave, if you break with communist China" or the other way around "we break with communist China, if you leave" and end the war... And the huge tragedy was that neither side did understand this facts, during the war, according to an interview with McNamara 2003 and then was it naturally other complex factors, but a deal was anyhow possible!
 The richest man on earth, was for twenty years the secretive shipping magnate Daniel K Ludwig (1897-1992) who had a fortune of at least 3.000 million dollar 1977 (that should be worth about 12.000 million dollar 97) and he did donate most of his wealth to cancer research... You can compare that with Howard Hughes who "only" left 1.373 million dollar 1976 but the sheiks of Kuwait made 1974 over 3.800 million dollar every year and a maharani (female maharajah) in India, was possibly richer as Ludwig, before the India state took everything as back tax... Yes, she had complete cellars in several palaces filled with gold and jewels, even after it became illegal for a private person to own gold and she never bother to pay tax... She was also famous for the most magnificent jet set party's... But I have only read two deep articles (that I didn't save) about her amazing misfortune, so I would be grateful for any more information... Then was the Sultan of Brunei the richest 1997 with about 38.000 million dollar... And 2007 was William Gates III richest with about 56.000 million dollar, after donating away almost half since 2000 when he was worth over 118.000 million dollar... Ingvar Kamprad, the Swedish creator of IKEA was finally the 4th richest 2007 with about 33.000 million dollar... The average age of marriage for girls in India, was 1980 only 14.5 years old... Internet did open for everyone first 30 April 1993 as World Wide Web and the links, was the key to success... An English guy, who was badly squeezed, woke up 97 after 8 years in coma... The average age of marriage for girls in Jemen (an Arabic country) was 2005 only 14.3 years old and 1999 was the legal age for marriage changed from 15 to puberty, so some wife's is only 9 years old... But the really bad part is that most marriages are arranged, without any consent or love and that most girls don't know anything about sex (because of religious reasons) so the first experiences come normally as a shock!

Wonders of nature - There are a six times bigger underground river, a bit under the great Nile, that transport 1360 million cubic meter water, every day... The highest waterfall is Salto del Angel in Venezuela, that is 979 meters high!!  People cut down trees (in most countries) just to get fire wood, or new land for farming... Trees that move rainwater deep down in earth and make the air we breath... But the naked soil die, in very warm countries and get then washed away by rain, destroy the coast fishing and even transform the land to desert... Haiti, have only 5% trees left and many countries, even less... The highest tree (91) was a 113 meters high redwood, in USA... The most common bird, was the north American walking pigeon, but all the 5.000 to 10.000 million (in 1880) had been killed... Next ice age, will come in just 100 to maximum 4.000 year, according to the past variations and we are now in the end of the twenties warm age, that started 9000 BC...
Superstition - There are seldom row 13 in aeroplane's, floor 13 in many countries (mainly usa) room 13 in hotels and the Swedish king refuse to eat with 13 people, at one table!
Some popular false myths - Old time pirates, almost never let victims "walk the plank" so that is only a common punishment in movies... And there where only a few accounts of buried treasures, because pirates use to divide the loot equally and spend it at next port... So there where almost no treasure maps, either... Except the true stories and maps, about sunken Spanish gold ships!

The tragic terrorist attack on America
The worst terrorist attack in world history, begun on Tuesday morning the 11 September 2001 when several groups of fanatic middle east terrorist "inspired" by Usama bin Laden, capture four big civilian airplanes in air, with help of knifes and bomb treats...
They took then complete control, over three of the planes and the first one (a Boeing 767 with 92 people) crashed completely into the side of World Trade Center's magnificent north tower, 8:46 local time... The big airplane tear a wide hole between floor 94 and 98 before it exploded like a huge fire bomb, deep inside the tower... From that moment, was1344 victims completely trapped above 91 floor... At that time was about 40.000 innocent people, inside the two huge towers of World Trade Center, that was 110 floors high and for some time, the highest buildings in the world... 17 minutes later, 9:03 crashed the second plane (a Boeing 767 with 65 people) even deeper inside the elegant south tower and made a giant explosion, as you can see below... At least 37 people, who was captured above the fire, jumped out and soon was parts of the streets slippery of blood... 9:38 crashed a third plane (a Boeing 757) into the Pentagon building and 189 people died, plus five terrorists... And after almost one hour, collapsed the burning south tower 9:50 in an "explosion" of heavy dust and 38 minutes later collapsed the north one, to over 450.000 tons of steel and rubble, including many thousand people... And 10:03 (it was first many different reports) crashed the fourth plane (a Boeing 757 with 44 people) after a heroic fight with the terrorists, on the ground outside Pennsylvania and not on the real target...

Click a picture, to see the big one...

This pictures are published only to remember and understand this insane tragedy,
but without permission and I will remove any pics, if the owner object...
2749 innocent civilians (plus ten terrorists) died only in New York and of them, was 343 heroic fire fighters... Over twelve other very big buildings, got severe damage and six of them did also collapse the following days... When the towers crumble down, almost everything inside was pulverized, mainly to pieces smaller than coins and the hopeful rescue workers did only found one alive, 291 bodies and 19.500 body parts... Among them a pair of hands, bound together (from a female flight attendant) found on a rooftop... They didn't even find big pieces of concrete (except under ground level) only ton's of dust, from the "explosive" collapse... Many people did very brave things and most people did really try to help, in some way... But a few did react very strange and New York was terrorized with over 80 false bomb alarms (!) the following days...
And 1999 was an Indian Airlines Airbus with 178 passengers, hijacked with exactly the same method, by men from the same terrorist organization and they did force India to release three prisoners... So there was a warning, in history...
 I imagine, that the only way to stop future attacks like this, is to lock and secure the pilots part (cabin) of every airliner (with a bullet proof wall) before the passengers enter the plane and then will the lock not open, until the plane land again... And then, by the weight on the landing gear... That is my idea, anyhow and the only problem, is that the pilots will need a little toilet too... And we should maybe have flight free zones, over every big city!

The very rich terrorist leader Usama bin Laden, mainly blame USA for almost everything he think is bad in the middle east (specially the support of the Saudi government) and he don't care that America only tried to help...
And one awful and very ugly side effect after the terrorist attack, is how some (even western) media also try to blame America... USA have never fight an unfair war, in modern time and they mainly, only try to help countries under attack... The worst things they done, was to also help military regimes (who was under attack) and don't stop the regimes drug traffic, as in Burma... But both France and Russia have fight really unfair wars and also supported many more military regimes, even with atomic bomb technology!! And Israel, have now killed several thousand civilians (the last five years) and almost only America protest...
 OBS: I have not been everywhere, so I may got some details wrong, but the whole picture is really like this, according to the free fact's... But USA may naturally do wrong in the future, especially if they attack Iraq without a very good reason!