Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Few of the Ways to Say Hello in Asia

Chinaa nod or bow
Hong Kong (older Chinese)clasp hands together at throat level and nod
Indiapalms together as though praying and bend or nod, called namaste
Indonesiasay selamat, which means peace
Japanbow from the waist, palms on thighs, heels together
Koreaa slight bow and handshake (right hand in one or both hands)
Malaysiaboth hands touch other person's hands, then are brought back to the breast, calledsalame gesture
Philippinesa limp handshake
Sri Lankaplace palms together under chin and bow slightly
Thailandplace palms together, elbows down, and bow head slightly, called wai
In Malaysia people greet each other by saying “Where are you going?” Because it is not really a question, the polite response is “Just for a walk.”

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